N Blog (2011-06-07 00:28:35) – ‘Notebook… ☆〃’

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(2011-06-07 00:28:35)

I used this notebook to study Korean.

It’s all used up!!!


What a sense of accomplishment…

No, it’s not over yet.

Today I got this


I really like the yellow color.
A fan sent it to me. (lll>Å<)・゜・

I'll use it carefully!


Here is where I'll
Write in Korean?

I asked myself that question.

Perhaps it's unreasonable,

But it's on my mind.

I can understand words if I look for them in a dictionary.

It takes me 20 minutes to write a thought,

But I'm studying very hard.

I'll keep studying…!

Writing on my blog would help me be more consistent…!!

I'd find a new way to do it.

What do you think? (´~`)?

Suddenly it seems unreasonable to
20 or 30 minutes
Going at
My own pace!!
I'll try it.

I'm in a daze now. (;´・`)

Does it work?
I'll take a chance.

Three summers ago, Natsuki's mom and sister went to Korea for the first time for vacation!
They traveled and studied Korean for a month.
They could read hangul.
They could greet people and could read a little Korean.

When they're vacation was over, they stopped studying.

But they said that the country was awfully charming!

And then I was in AKB,
Two winters ago?
My friend I met at a cafe brought along a Korean friend.
The three of us were there…
Perhaps it really worried me… ← I was really troubled remembering that. (laughs)

I burst into tears. (laughs)

It was my first time meeting a Korean person.

"Why are you crying?"

She asked me that!

I was like popcorn.

In general, she said,

"Are you okay? Are you okay?" (laughs)

"Why are you crying?"

Why was she being like this?? …

"Is this your first meeting? You're pretty when you cry, but I why is this the first time you're doing this? Why are you doing this? It's wasteful!! Crying is no good!"

That's it.

I obediently did what she asked.

It was the first time
I was comforted like that. But I cried for a while. I was angry! (laughs)
Moreover, for the first meeting,
Why was it like that? Was it the way we were speaking?

It was wonderful. That way of thinking turned into my way of living later on. It was an unimaginable thought.

I kept weeping without change.

I asked, "Can we exchange e-mail addresses? " (laughs)

I've thought
About her when studying Korean.

This is how I started.

This was the landmark of when I began!

I know how it all happened.

I'll go ahead carefully.


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