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(2011-06-11 08:54:02)


For the many warm comments,

Really, thank you.

I’m really happy. Thanks.

Now today, I’ll keep at it
With your support. (*ノωノ)

Friends and family, thank you for your e-mails and telephone calls.
Everyone everywhere is fighting everyday, and great effort is being put into keeping on living.

Naturally, however, this support is reassuring.

I’ll persevere from a different place,
But my attitude of keeping at it will remain constant.
I will not lose by being on the outskirts, but I think it will be difficult.

Those are my feelings about the senbatsu elections, which are very important to me. (*ノωノ)

Again, I’m really thankful.

Well then.


I had a photo shoot.


Once it was over,

Us members

Acted like children…


For the second time,

We met like old women. (*ノωノ)

Of course
We ate Korean food.

Again, everyone

After a long time, we had a refreshing old women meeting. (*^ω^*)


I received the script for the DUMP SHOW! production.

Yesterday I read through it at home. It was really fun.

Amina and I will be able to show
Our teamwork.

Soon, practices will begin!


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