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(2011-06-11 17:59:03)

Ah… do you kind of understand?

An ice cream keychain…

It’s just an ordinary keychain. (●・ωヽ)

As a matter of fact,

In Korea I took a train,
And it was like the PASMO uniform.

When I got my ticket checked, I got to touch it!!

As they knew I love trains, the photo shoot’s staff gave it to me.

I’m a happy coward. (laughs)

Moreover, it’s amazing that

This ice cream money card can be used at convenience stores and at fast food establishments to buy things. (〃ノω’)σ

These are great train conditions.

I got the strap at home so it’s usable. (*ノωノ)

Except for the ice cream,

I usually use straps
With characters on them. (*ノωノ)

As for this,
It got it from the convenience store

From the last time I went to Korea!

I totally got to ride on the train! I decided I would do it as much as possible.

The system is very interesting.

First of all, how do you get a ticket from the machine?

You do it like
You would in Japan.

And a cool card would come out. (*ノωノ)
It’s a touch card.

In Japan, we have touch cards and tickets, but in Korea, there are only touch cards.

But after you get the card for your destination, and use the card, do you need the card anymore?

From here, it’s amazing!

The ticket machine is different because it is in many pieces.

It examines the tickets,

Then takes all of the unneccessary cards.

Those people’s cards…

They come back as 50 yen!! !!! !! !! !! !!! !! !!


So cool.

We were in a hurry
So I couldn’t think about it very much.

That sense of profit would be

Really fun.
I would have 50 yen come back each time.

It was nice

Making a profit back. (laughs)

In the place where you charge your card,

I had that ice cream surprise!!

It’s all really useful.
That’s my report. (*ノωノ)

Trains conditions are different in varying countries.
It’s interesting!!

In China, Taiwan, America, and Europe…

Are they all different?? (*ノωノ)

Using trains…

Today, what line did you ride?

Natsuki was on the Toyoko line. ←

Did you ride a train today?

The mid-day hours on the Toyoko line are the best.


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