N Blog (2011-06-29 12:28:53) – ‘Hairdo ☆’

Original Entry
(2011-06-29 12:28:53)


This is Chikano-san’s

Singapore hairdo.

Surely it’s GAGA’s hair. (*ノωノ)


And she used

A lot of shampoo (laughs).

Today I had practice.

At any rate, it was hot. (;´д`).


I saw Morita’s miraculous weather forecast at home.

The feeling was really cool.

I love Morita-san. (*ノωノ)

Weather is good.

Today I washed clothes. Is that okay? (*^c^)/

I’m thirsty.


My birthday is in two days.


I’ll have fun!! !!



One Response

  1. have a great birthday on Friday Natsuki. Hope she gets my present amd card

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