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N Blog (2011-08-01 08:01:05) – ‘Good Morning.’
July 31, 2011

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(2011-08-01 08:01:05)

Good morning.

Today, the national tour starts. (*???)

With Team B,

We’re in Fukuoka. (N´?`)/`

Everyone in Fukuoka,

Please wait for us!

I’m worried about remembering the movements in the dances! (*???)

Well, yesterday I met a kid…

KARA’s Hara! She came to Japan after a long time of being away.

We talked about many things and had a meal together.

I really enjoyed it!

Did anyone get it right?
Natsuki will look at the comments.
Is the answer there? (*^?^*)

Well then

Team B

Goes to Fukuoka!! !! !!

Let’s go.

N Blog (2011-07-31 19:53:53) – ‘Super Akane Time ☆〃’
July 31, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-07-31 19:53:53)

Thank you (*ノωノ)

The Tokyo performances of DUMP SHOW! have safely concluded.

They’re over.

I’m really, really happy about the time I spent doing it. (*ノωノ)
I’ve been Akane-chan to completion!!

Together, let’s go for it!
All of the performers and all of the staff, thank you so much. (*ノωノ)

Let’s persevere at the Osaka performances!!

Today I got many fan letters and presents and flowers. Thank you.
I’ll treat them all with care.


In the morning I have to eat!

I’m nervous… !! (laughs) (laughs) (laughs)

As they say,

Now I’ll start eating. (*ノωノ)

Well, It’s been a long time

Since I last met “that” kid.

It was fun.

(・H・) Who did I get to meet?

N Blog (2011-07-31 10:11:32) – ‘Foul play during afternoon nap time’
July 31, 2011

I saw this one wanting to sleep… .(〃ノω’)σ

Not any more.

Here’s some foul play.

Here’s the crime.


That’s a little bit of a

Suspicious shadow!

Ohori-san!! !! !! !! !! !! !!

Be careful, Amina-chan! (laughs)

No… it’s too late. (laughs)

The victory is Ohori’s!! (laughs)

The pictures are from Amina’s afternoon nap.

Good morning. (*ノωノ)

Finally, it’s the last day!

I believe I will enjoy myself! (N´∀`)/`

I wrote Amina-chan a letter.
I’m nervous about handing it over… へへ

Today I think I’ll have fun.

P.S. Yesterday I got many fan letters, presents, and flowers.
Thank you very, very much. I’ll treasure them all.

P.S. 2
I got my birthday card album. I was so happy that many people wished me congratulations. Thank you so much for your support and cooperation. (*ノωノ)

P.S. 3
Thank you for trying to write things in Korean in that card album.

P.S. 4

I think it’s cool.



I’m really nervous!! !! !! !! !! !!

N Blog (2011-07-31 00:46:46) – ‘Finally, it’s tomorrow…’
July 30, 2011

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(2011-07-31 00:46:46)

Thank you so much. (*ノωノ)

Today when the show ended. (*ノωノ)

My friend brought me this lovely cake. (*ノωノ)
Ahhh. Everyone thinks it’s delicious…

Finally, tomorrow is the last show in Tokyo. (*ノωノ)

Hmm… It went by in a blink of time… (´・H・) My lonely heart will go to…

But it’s a turning point.

With all my might, I’ll keep working hard.

Everyone, send me your power!

Good night.

N Blog (2011-07-30 00:05:49) – ‘The show has ended. (*ノωノ)’
July 29, 2011

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(2011-07-30 00:05:49)


After a long time, I had a show. (*ノωノ) It was fun.

When I got to the theater,

Amina and I got to talk for a while. (*ノωノ)

Persevering every day with her, I feel, is really evidence of our cooperation.

I really can’t go without her! I’ll go for it! (*^ω^*)

Today my close friends came to see the show
And drank with me afterwards.
After a long time, I had a girls-only gathering. ← They’re in fashion.

We’re seperated a lot. (*ノωノ)
We don’t get to see each other nearly enough. (*ノωノ)

My friends and I talked about my friends before I joined AKB.
They’re amazingly dear.
We talked about school

And meeting with teachers.

Tomorrow everyone should have the best day. (*ノωノ)

So, I wholeheartedly wish you

Good night.


Recently isn’t N-san adult-like?

N Blog (2011-07-29 11:39:12) – ”Hello Hello ☆
July 29, 2011

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(2011-07-29 11:39:12)

Hello *”

It’s Nacchi. (*ノωノ)

Ahh. I’m full. It’s eating season. (´・H・)

Does everyone always have something to eat?
Reading comments makes everything look delicious and I get hungry. (Laughs)

Anyhow, hopefully you have the power to eat enough.
And the rain will go away! (*^ω^*)

After three days of no shows,
I’ll be on stage!

I’ll go over the script. (´・H・)
That kind of space in between shows is frightening. (`・д・´)

I’ll go ahead and put in my fighting spirit for Akane-chan!

Recently, when doing scenes
I can’t cry.

It’s so moving.

How will it go today?

I think every day in the theater is different and fun. (`・д・´)

Please come and see it!

Enjoy it for me! (N´∀`)/`

N Blog (2011-07-28 22:50:04) – ‘Sato Sumire’s Secret’
July 28, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-07-28 22:50:04)

On July 27th,
In the AKB48 Theater dressing room….

I found a hat covering the make-up-less Sato Sumire.


I approached her to ask the question. (´・H・)

I said, “Hey, Suuchan. Why are you wearing a hat?”

Suuchan said, “Huh? Ah! This?? I’m wearing it…”

“To improve the look of my pigtails.”

She’s such a hard worker!!

Suuchan went to all that trouble to
Protect her pigtails from being messed up.

Suuchan said, “I want them to be balanced for the show! Wearing a hat gives them the best shape.”


I must praise her.

Sato Sumire’s pigtails…

Learning such a secret…
Such rare news to spread…

Those that read my blog will learn it.

Anybody have anything to say about it? (Laughs)

Of course it’s Suuchan. (Laughs)

Again, Suuchan will wear pigtails before everyone.

“Today I’ll wear a hat…”

I’ll think in my mind if that happens.

And so that’s

Sato Sumire’s Secret.

N Blog (2011-07-28 19:59:33) – ‘With Myao…’
July 28, 2011

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(2011-07-28 19:59:33)

We ate a meal. (*ノωノ)

It was Korean Cooking.


Honestly, the menu was delicious. (●・ωヽ)

Uronic tea
Kon tea

And here was Oolong tea and corn tea (N´∀`)/`


The two of us had lots of silly talks and had fun. (*ノωノ)

Everyone, what did you eat??

I ate a lot. (*ノωノ)

Lovely dinner time…

P.S. Myao’s cute! (N´∀`)/`

She’s infant-like. (Laughs)

N Blog (2011-07-28 10:19:35) – ‘Good Morning’
July 27, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-07-28 10:19:35)


Good morning! (*ノωノ)

The image is of

Me in braids.

I thought about the birthday show when I was going to sleep last night and woke up really happy. (*ノωノ)

Today is one day that I’ll go for it.

Today is DUMP SHOW’s Star Cast’s concluding festivities in the Tokyo performance hall. (´;ω;`) So soon….
There are many memories of Asuka and Shiichan performing together.

My memories are from the great production. (●・ωヽ)

Soon they should be congratulated on their final show.

I have a 100 thoughts on it. (´・H・)
With all my strength, I’ll share them. (*^ω^*)

It’s hot today.
I enjoy feeling all of the moisture whenever I move.

Have a nice day^^!!!!

N Blog (2011-07-28 00:45:12) – ‘T-Shirt ☆☆☆’
July 27, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-07-28 00:45:12)

This year’s t-shirt! (*ノωノ)



An advance in Korean?

Is it a Chimachogori?

I wrote the Hangul. I’m moved.

Thank you (*ノωノ) I’ll treat it with care. (*^ω^*)

The bottom of the shirt

“Your dream
our dream”

It’s what it says.

It left a deep impression.

Everyone’s dream is my dream.

Is what I say.


Your dream is our dream…

You took that from me…
Thank you.

And a fan gave me

A Korean language book. (N´∀`)/`

Thank you thank you.
I’ll keep up the fight of learning Korean!

And writing it! (N´∀`)/`
Is that my aim? (*^ω^*)

This year, I will persevere! (*ノωノ)