N Blog (2011-07-01 18:55:45) – ‘Suddenly! 2’

Original Entry
(2011-07-01 18:55:45)

Amina-chan got me a birthday present!

We have matching pouches. (lll>Å<)・゜・

As a matter of fact,

Some days ago before

Practice, Amina said,

"I see. A new pouch."

She said, but

The three of us


"Does it need to be big? (laughs)"

This morning, I thought,

"Amina's new pouch is roomy and convenient."

Then, I

Suddenly received

A present!

It's a different color, but they match!

I teared up a bit.

I cried aloud. (laughs)

We practice together every day,
We take days off together,
We shop together,
And I know we're together often,

I was moved…

Really, thank you.

The pouch
Has a Barbie-like doll inside it…

I'm thinking of a name to give her. (*ノωノ)

Hmm… What would be good?

Thank you so much, Amina!

Now we’re on stage.

More!! Again!!


There’s less time now.

Thank you.


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