N Blog (2011-07-02 22:44:34) – ‘Thanks are in order ☆’

Original Entry
(2011-07-02 22:44:34)

Today is the handshake event
The picture is with Kana and SDN’s Siyeon-san. (*ノωノ)

Siyeon-san is my my friend. We talk in Korean a lot.

I was really happy
That so many people came to the handshake event.


Congratulated me on my birthday.

I’m feel


I’m really thankful. (*ノωノ)

It was the best birthday (☆>∀<)

Thank you (v^-゜)

Recently, every day I've had practice.
I can't meet with other members at performances
Or meet fans since I'm not in the theater.
Practice every day is really fun.
I don't have any motive when I say that I'm lonely.

Today I got to meet with Yuka for a moment.
I cried aloud. (laughs)

This is actually my first time when I'm away from everyone for so long.

It has been a long time

Since the last handshake event for fans.

It's a warm mood,
Even thought the whole thing is huge.

I'm really happy about it all

And overcome with emotion…

I'll cry. (laughs)

Thank you so much.

I'll work hard tomorrow. (*ノωノ)

I'm me for the sake of everyone. ☆〃

Every day I'll persevere. (*ノωノ)

Good night!


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