N Blog (2011-07-12 11:05:23) – ‘☆New Nails☆’

Original Entry
(2011-07-12 11:05:23)

Good day (*ノωノ)

I have a new nail referral.

Now I’ve gotten girly nails.

My middle fingers have characters on them. I’m currently taking applications for their names. (laughs)

Soon I’ll see Asuka, Shiichan, and Amina.

Now I get these done by Nagomi-san. ☆〃
We should definitely get matching nails.

Now I have a new nail stylist.

We’re the same age!!

I was surprised.

I respect a nail stylist that’s my age a lot. It’s impressive!!

I think I’ll keep at it! (*ノωノ)

Tomorrow there’s a recording

During practice

For the radio. (*ノωノ)

It’s fun.

I love talking.


Today I’m a bit sleepy.

My throat hurts a bit… (laughs)

But I’ll persevere!

What is the best to gargle with?
What is the best way to get it cured quickly?? (´-ω-`)


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