N Blog (2011-07-21 22:05:18) – ‘Bomber Akane’

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(2011-07-21 22:05:18)

Thank you.

Now DUMP SHOW is over. Today was really fun. I had a good time.

A photo explaination:

Thank you for all of the presents and fan letters I got today.

I will treat them with care.



As a matter of fact,

Amina and I

Got the same ones.

We promised each other during practice.
They’re really identical.

Haruka and Akane-chan are

Getting anxious! (*ノωノ)


It’s CinDy, who plays Hikaru, with Amina and Nacchi.

CinDy really edited the image well!

Akane’s charm point is her hair in pigtails…

Before it went up…

It’s super Bomber! (Laughs)

Isn’t it great?? (*^ω^*)

Just before the performance, I tie it up.

Always in the dressing room beforehand

Everyone asks if i’m okay.


Tomorrow is Seibu Dome.

I have to go to the hotel!

I’m looking forward

To sharing my room with my roommate!!

I look forward to my roommate.

Who do you think it is?? (laughs)

That girl…


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