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(2011-07-23 06:54:06)

Sorry I wasn’t able to update yesterday.
Good morning.

Now I’m starting make-up!!
Yesterday we did a concert.
Here are my thoughts on day one.


It was so, so

Big! (`・д・´)

The first time I saw the audience,
I was deeply moved!!

So after that, every time I went out, I was happy.


I had lessons for the show.
Honestly, I was impatient
For the first time.

But the show had a warm feeling.

I don’t know the reason,
But there is a reason.

The show was a big show for us.

The concert was a big concert or us.

When the first day finished,

Were you able to see the scale of a Seibu Dome concert?
I could feel impatience inside.
It was a really frustrating feeling.

We’ll base today on yesterday,
And we’ll improve.

From the stage yesterday,
The appearance of the audience and use of the stage

Helped me persevere again!

It’ll get better and better

To be the best live ever!

That’s what I think.

From my spot, I’m going to go see Mariyannu.
Yuka lent me her portable DVD player to use.
Amina and i will be helpful to the members.
Everyone, thanks!

I’ll keep at it today!


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