N Blog (2011-07-27 21:58:15) – ‘Birthday Show ☆〃’

Original Entry
(2011-07-27 21:58:15)

Hey (*ノωノ)

Today is

My first performance over the past month.


Birthday show.

Komori and N’s celebrations coincided on the same day.

Really, thank you. I’m awfully happy. (*ノωノ)

The flowers… for N.
I saw them and was deeply moved. (*ノωノ)

During MCs, everyone made ‘N’s with their penlights… (*ノωノ)

Thank you so much.

It was really moving. (*ノωノ)

21 years old ☆
I’ve been able to talk about many jobs. (*ノωノ)

This show was a hit and has finished. (*ノωノ)

Fans get to show their faces every day. (*ノωノ)

I have many wishes.

August 1st is the country-wide tour.
The rest of the shows will be in Tokyo, but in August I’ll go to Osaka
For a Watanabe Girls event.

I’ll keep at it.
Practicing for the show day-by-day.
It’s very fun, but a difficult goal.
Thinking about it
I’m really happy about it all.
Every day having work… It’s really great.
So in August I’ll have fun and work hard.
I’ll go against the various challenges.

In this way, my dream is granted for everyone.
But before I say it,

Everyone is my dream.

After this,
Together with me,
Let’s grant dreams.

Thank you for the blessing that is today.

Everyone, I love you. (*^ω^*)


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