N Blog (2011-07-28 22:50:04) – ‘Sato Sumire’s Secret’

Original Entry
(2011-07-28 22:50:04)

On July 27th,
In the AKB48 Theater dressing room….

I found a hat covering the make-up-less Sato Sumire.


I approached her to ask the question. (´・H・)

I said, “Hey, Suuchan. Why are you wearing a hat?”

Suuchan said, “Huh? Ah! This?? I’m wearing it…”

“To improve the look of my pigtails.”

She’s such a hard worker!!

Suuchan went to all that trouble to
Protect her pigtails from being messed up.

Suuchan said, “I want them to be balanced for the show! Wearing a hat gives them the best shape.”


I must praise her.

Sato Sumire’s pigtails…

Learning such a secret…
Such rare news to spread…

Those that read my blog will learn it.

Anybody have anything to say about it? (Laughs)

Of course it’s Suuchan. (Laughs)

Again, Suuchan will wear pigtails before everyone.

“Today I’ll wear a hat…”

I’ll think in my mind if that happens.

And so that’s

Sato Sumire’s Secret.

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