N Blog (2011-08-04 11:05:35) – ‘From the concluding festivities…’

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(2011-08-04 11:05:35)

7/31’s DUMP SHOW!
The last show
In Tokyo…

The last show’s

Hairstyle had more work put into it than usual.


Did you see that look from above??

I tie it into two bundles.

And it

Really put up a fight!

It’s really amazing.

I did them seperately. ←


DId you see them?


Should I show what it looked like? (´-ω-`)

For your information, they’re amazing. (Laughs)




That’s me.

But I have

A small face. Akane-chan’s magic.

And don’t I look like a gospel singer? (Laughs)


Didn’t my hair put up a fight for the last day… (laughs)

Wait for that picture.

Is it okay if I upload it? (laughs)

No? Well, it’s really a show!

Don’t wait for it unless
The situation arises! (Laughs)

Should I work hard today? (laughs)

I’ll work hard today!!


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