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(2011-08-06 12:38:51)

Good morning.
Here’s a picture of three of us in pigtails!!!

Yesterday we reminisced about the past on ANN.

I was the facilitator yesterday. ☆〃

I was nervous. Every time, I’m nervous.

But it was fun. ..(〃ノω’)σ
I love the radio.

I love talking.

Amina sent me mail

In the middle of the program
While I was asking about random information.


When she’s in a bad mood,
Give her melon bread,
And it will improve.

That sort of information. (Laughs)

Another amusing fact was that

Gorillas seem to all be B type!


Akimoto, what did you give us…


I laughed out loud. Soon, I’ll tell everyone.

And thank you for the many comments. You wrote lots of random information!
I listen for your voices while I read them.

It’s fun watching everyone’s comments in real time.

I want everyone to enjoy
That chance
More frequently.

I’ll go for it today. (N´∀`)/`

My pigtails…
Do they suit me?



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