N Blog (2011-08-18 11:40:47) – ‘Members visiting my house!!’

Original Entry
(2011-08-18 11:40:47)

After yesterday’s concert was over,


Came to my house.

Everyone was noisy.

We takled a lot. (*ονο*)

Amina and Kitarie

Had to share a bed. How cute.

Chikarina, Nacchan, and I
Woke up nicely. (Laughs)

It was my first time
Having so many people to my house.

It was a miracle.

I made everyone breakfast.
And in time,

I was like a mother (laughs).

In my future marriage,
Will I be a good mom? (Laughs)

I can wake people up and refresh them!!!

I’ll get them out of bed! (Laughs)

Amina was surprised.


I have a photoshoot. (N´∀`)/`

Go for it!


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