N Blog (2011-08-30 12:22:52) – ‘The Right Answer is… (N´∀`)/`’

Original Entry
(2011-08-30 12:22:52)

The left. The left is the fake one. (*^ω^*)


Was it obvious?
No… Now Natsuki

Has become very self-concious.

Everyone’s so smart. (´;ω;`)

This is a keychain a fan gave to me, and when I see it, I always try to work hard. (N´∀`)/`


I wrote when I turned 21 that I enjoy Edamame. How many of you noticed that!? (Laughs)

Today before the performance,
Everyone had work.

Before that, it was bath time. (*ノωノ)

At home, I watched a whole DVD.

Today’s DVD was from
A magazine. ..(〃ノω’)σ

I got it from reading Vivi while I was sweating.

When I take a bath, I

Always drink hydrogen supplements.

I’m very sweaty.

I’ll work hard at the performance!!

Today’s Suu-Neko and N-Neko is…

We’re playful.

How do you like it?

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