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N Blog (2011-09-30 15:21:20) – ‘Bear Farm!’
September 30, 2011

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(2011-09-30 15:21:20)

I’m off. (*ノωノ)

I’m going to feed the bears. (N´∀`)/`

Cute (*ノωノ)

I’m giving the bears

Bear bait.

It”ll all be in my hands. (☆>∀<)

I'm really excited.

Bears are so cute. (*ノωノ)


Things like this sashimi are amazing. ..(〃ノω’)σ

So delicious.


Everyone got in an open-air bath. (*ノωノ)

It was the Noboribetsu hot spring!

At first,

I read it as

“The Last Hot Spring”…

Today I’ll go for it. (☆>∀<)


N Blog (2011-09-29 18:37:29) – ‘○○○ (`・д・´)’
September 29, 2011

The filming is over. ..(〃ノω’)σ

Now I’m going back to the hotel.

All of the actors ate together. (N´∀`)/`

It was fun.

I’m a little homesick for living alone! (Laughs)

I miss my bed. Do you miss your bed? (Laughs)


The members, I want to meat them.

Is everyone doing well? (´゜▽゜`)

Do you all know all

Of the recent members?? (Laughs)

I need to have them taught to me.

After a long time, when will I be on land or at least above ground?? I’m excited!

But riding on a boat is fun. (*ノωノ)

Tomorrow we’ll shoot in a few places!!

Wait for my blog entry!

N Blog (2011-09-29 14:35:36) – ‘7878!!’
September 29, 2011

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(2011-09-29 14:35:36)

Naha Naha

I met up with Senda-san! Senda-san is

Really amusing. (Laughs)

He’ll teach me how to be funny. (*ノωノ)

When will our show me?? (´-ω-`)

N Blog (2011-09-29 11:35:19) – ‘Various Things ☆〃’
September 28, 2011

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(2011-09-29 11:35:19)

A uniform! (Restaurant Version)


There’s an apron. (*ノωノ)

Today we’ve finally arrived in Tomakomai!

I was born in Hokkaido, so

It’s Sato Natsuki’s advance. (Laughs)

Isn’t Sapporo an hour away from Tomakomai? I think it is on the train… (Laughs)

My grandpa and grandma

Are here!!

Hokkaido… I love it!!

Tomakomai matches it well.

Today I got off the boat to go
To the hotel.

The radio waves are better. (*ノωノ)

Is it cold?? (´・H・)

I hope I don’t catch a cold! (N´∀`)/`

Everyone, FIGHT today!

I still haven’t taken a picture of the boat… (N´∀`)/`

N Blog (2011-09-28 13:42:51) – ‘Wow (´;ω;`)’
September 28, 2011

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(2011-09-28 13:42:51)

During my break,

I rested.


I’m really doing it!!

I drank some medicine to prevent myself from being motion sick, and it knocked me out!

It worked amazingly. (Laughs)

Sleeping on a ship,
There are of course sways and vibrations…

I did it! (Laughs)

The slow swaying
Was pleasant and put me fast asleep. (Laughs)

I will keep at it today as an attendant. (☆>∀<)

And then lunch (*ノωノ)

Are there meals on the ferry?? I read it in the comments.

The ferry's meals are…

All you can eat! (´-ω-`)

This evening,

We’ll be in Sendai? (´゜▽゜`)

The electro-magnetic waves

From my iPhone worry me. (´・H・)


How’s everyone doing?


N Blog (2011-09-27 18:46:50) – ‘Thanks ☆〃’
September 27, 2011

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(2011-09-27 18:46:50)

Thank you very much for your warm comments.

I’m able to make a great report, everyone. (☆>∀<)

Now I can say that

I will be appearing with Tokuma Nishioka,

Who I was with in DUMP SHOW!

"Do you remember me?"

He said.

I remember. (Laugsh)

The performance only ended in August. (Laughs)

Nishioka is reassuring.

Today during shooting,
I got to eat!

Tomorrow I'll wake up early. (*ノωノ)

Does my uniform suit me??


N Blog (2011-09-27 11:20:34) – ‘At last… The news ban has been lifted!!’
September 26, 2011

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(2011-09-27 11:20:34)

I can now tell you the news!


On Monday’s Goolden Time on TBS,

I was cast as

Mizushima Kaoru on
“Senjou Pasa himuro Natsuko Gouka Ferry Satsujin Jiken.”

It’s my first drama

By myself!

Moreover, on the Luxury Ferry…

I get to stay on the Pacific Ocean! (*ノωノ) (Laughs)

The photos on the ship
Are oversized.

Sorry for the brochure.

It’s my first ferry. ☆〃

Do you get seasick?? (´・H・) I’m worried about it… I’ll be very careful!!

Getting on that ferry…

Let’s go!

Around Japan!!

We’re supposed to avoid radio waves, so I might not be able to update.

The On Air date has yet to be fixed.
I’ll tell you when I can! (*ノωノ)

N Blog (2011-09-26 23:47:10) – ‘Speaking of Nagoya…’
September 26, 2011

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(2011-09-26 23:47:10)

A vegabond!

I’m a vegabond. (*ノωノ)

For lunch I ate at the hotel.

I think It was great. (N´∀`)/`

At the hotel,

I realized I needed to sleep.

So I’ll eat some chicken wings.

And have some miso. (N´∀`)/`

And fully enjoy Nagoya.

Tomorrow, my work starts. 〃☆

But tomorrow I’ll be in Nagoya…

I’ll work hard! I’ll sleep now so I can wake up early tomorrow morning.

Good night.

N Blog (2011-09-26 09:26:55) – ‘Departure (´-ω-`)’
September 25, 2011

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(2011-09-26 09:26:55)

At last, I’m departing. (*ノωノ)

Abroad?! Everyone’s guessing… ☆

It’s not abroad. (´゜▽゜`)

I’m staying in the country. (*ノωノ)

Well, I’m headed now to Nagoya!!


A long trip. (*^ω^*)

I’ll listen to music

And fall asleep dreaming about the world,

I think. (Laughs)

Good night. (Laughs)


N Blog (2011-09-25 21:34:12) – ‘The Handshake Event (*ノωノ)’
September 25, 2011

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(2011-09-25 21:34:12)

Today was the handshake event. (*ノωノ)

Really, thank you to everyone that came. It was fun to talk to everyone. I was happy. (*ノωノ)

Today it felt like fall.

Thinking it was fall, I wore a plaid shirt. (*ノωノ)

A long skirt and sheepskin boots, too.

As a matter of fact,
In a little while tomorrow

For a relatively long time (at least for me)

I will be away from Tokyo.


But it’ll be okay!
I’ll persevere (N´∀`)/`

I have to pack my suitcase for some days out…

What do I need to bring…

Now my preparations are full-blown!!

What should I take? (`・д・´)

I’ll keep thinking for an hour. (Laughs)

Natsuki-chan fighting!!

As always, Natsuki-chan is very secretive. (*ノωノ)