N Blog (2011-08-31 08:17:58) – ‘Earrings Chu’

Original Entry
(2011-08-31 08:17:58)

Is it cute??

Chu Chu, I got earrings! (*^ω^*)

I’ve worn some every day.

Labbro is the earring brand.

What do they look like alone?

They’re totally my taste. (´-ω-`) Do you see it? (Laughs)

They’re smooth and
A pink-gold color that I like.

I got them online.

They’re popular with boys and girls alike.

Certainly get some.

Put them on! (*^ω^*)


I’m embarrassed by my talking. (〃д〃)

I’m going to Hyogo for the first time.

Everyone there,
Please dance with me. (*^ω^*)

Now I’ll check out a DVD.


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