N Blog (2011-08-31 21:50:02) – ‘The Concluding Festivities Have Finished’

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(2011-08-31 21:50:02)

The Kobe concluding festivities hae ended. (´゜▽゜`)
It was perfect. At noon and in the evening, I was sweating in the opening.

In B’s setlist,
In the middle single medley, I went with all of my power.
It was really moving.

As a matter of fact, yesterday, my manager
Said that in the Nagoya DVD recording, the members worked with all of their strength.

I think I’ll definitely watch it.
After the performance, I went home and watched till the end…

Before the Nagoya performance,
Team B really put in their yell again and stirred up the crowd.
We had many discussions concerning the show.

So, in a big way, I thought about my dancing.

When I watched the DVD,

In this and that song, my self-confidence was up.
It wasn’t at all comparable to the others.
I don’t think it was myself at all.

I think it was good looking, and I’ll adapt that way to be seen.
I think it was a big thing to see.

By the way, in the “What You Missed” concert series, from K3,
AKB was the one thing that really moved me to tears.
For the first time, I crossed the limit.
My face was child-like on stage and I cried, but I felt comfortable and pleasant.

In that K3 show, I think I crossed over.

But watching the DVD,

I saw my limits.

I feel sick by how frail I looked.

If that’s the case, my cross-over in K3 was dark!

I’m determined!!

In today’s concluding festivities, I challanged it!!

The result was

In words, it’s hard to say;

I was really moved.
I really thought about AKB.
Team B is great.

It was moving.

Fans, with their smiling faces and encouragement… I think I was able to do it because of them!

Really, really, thank you.

In this way, I will fight for the first time.

In the month of the country-wide tour, I’ve crossed over…

This summer’s memories were the best. ..(〃ノω’)σ

I’m very thankful.

After a long time, that was a long post.
Thank you.


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