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(2011-09-04 10:58:23)

Yesterday, I had a leopard-like meal for lunch. ..(〃ノω’)σ

Why, it’s so delicous.

Near my house, there’s a Korean restaurant.


I’ve went four times. ☆〃

I’m changing topics a little…


I’ve gotten in the habit of making breakfast…

Every morning, my papa would,
But now that I’ve made it, it’s easy. (*ノωノ)


I’ve been using standard eggs and sausages, and I’ve baked them with Spam.

The dessert is always yogurt.

Recently, I’ve gotten into caramel, too.

Caramel is the best to eat.

That’s it!!

Somehow, I’ve understood it,

It gives me the best power. (●・ωヽ)

Everyone, try it!

Today, after a long time,

I went to the nail salon. ..(〃ノω’)σ

Single word comments:

I went to it.



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