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(2011-09-08 19:59:51)


Today I met the members

Yup! (☆>∀<)

The three of us
Went to the Desious and C.C.Cross exhibits. ..(〃ノω')σ

I particularly liked the C.C.Cross exhibit.
I really like that brand. (*ノωノ)

Today Chika-chan and I wore the same coat.
We also both had cardigans on. ..(〃ノω')σ

It got to be fun. (*ノωノ)

After that,

The three of us had food.

I had a tuna and avacado dish.

It was delicious!!

I think I cried when it was finished. (´-ω-`)


Nevertheless, it was on the center street.

I really like


It’s their Japanese debut!! After the first time of hearing it, I thought it was a great song!!

My favorite member is Jae Kyung.

I wanted RAINBOW’s CD, so I bought it today.

Everyone, please listen to it! (*^ω^*)


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