N Blog (2011-09-15 17:09:38) – ‘Yurakucho Line Story!’

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(2011-09-15 17:09:38)

There were many members at the photo shoot!!

There was a lot of love to go around.

I was called “N-ko” (Laughs)

I called out

“Love-ko” (Laughs)

And I have information! (*ノωノ)

From the 8/7 Sendai event,
The performance’s radio broadcast has been decided. (*ノωノ)

Yay (*ノωノ)

Station: Date FM (FM Sendai)

Program Title:
Power of Watanabe Girls – Smile For Japan in Sendai –

Broadcast date and time: 9/30, 19:30 – 19:55 (25 minute special)

Please listen to it! (*^ω^*)


I got to make a transfer on the train…

I got on a new car on the Yurakucho Line.

It was cool. I was excited!!


I got to be on two new cars! (Laughs)

The cool part was… the scent!

Things like scent are cool to me! (laughs)

It was like the smell of a new house. (`・д・´)

I was happy to get on a new one.

I was glad.

It was great. (Laughs)

Today was a good day. (´゜▽゜`)

For the photo shoot I had straight hair.
It looks kind of like a wig.



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