N Blog (2011-09-25 21:34:12) – ‘The Handshake Event (*ノωノ)’

Original Entry
(2011-09-25 21:34:12)

Today was the handshake event. (*ノωノ)

Really, thank you to everyone that came. It was fun to talk to everyone. I was happy. (*ノωノ)

Today it felt like fall.

Thinking it was fall, I wore a plaid shirt. (*ノωノ)

A long skirt and sheepskin boots, too.

As a matter of fact,
In a little while tomorrow

For a relatively long time (at least for me)

I will be away from Tokyo.


But it’ll be okay!
I’ll persevere (N´∀`)/`

I have to pack my suitcase for some days out…

What do I need to bring…

Now my preparations are full-blown!!

What should I take? (`・д・´)

I’ll keep thinking for an hour. (Laughs)

Natsuki-chan fighting!!

As always, Natsuki-chan is very secretive. (*ノωノ)

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