N Blog (2011-09-28 13:42:51) – ‘Wow (´;ω;`)’

Original Entry
(2011-09-28 13:42:51)

During my break,

I rested.


I’m really doing it!!

I drank some medicine to prevent myself from being motion sick, and it knocked me out!

It worked amazingly. (Laughs)

Sleeping on a ship,
There are of course sways and vibrations…

I did it! (Laughs)

The slow swaying
Was pleasant and put me fast asleep. (Laughs)

I will keep at it today as an attendant. (☆>∀<)

And then lunch (*ノωノ)

Are there meals on the ferry?? I read it in the comments.

The ferry's meals are…

All you can eat! (´-ω-`)

This evening,

We’ll be in Sendai? (´゜▽゜`)

The electro-magnetic waves

From my iPhone worry me. (´・H・)


How’s everyone doing?



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