N Blog (2011-10-05 19:59:12) – ‘☆☆☆☆ All Up ☆☆☆☆’

Original Entry
(2011-10-05 19:59:12)

Ahh (´゜▽゜`)

Some time ago, I uploaded a lot.

No… It was all over really quickly, but fun.

It all was completed more and more each day.

It was all very moving!

With something so full-blown
As me being in a drama by myself for the first time,
I’m sorry if I was too much trouble for everyone….

I’m really grateful to meet all of the staff and actors.

After talking with everyone,
I can really work now!

Acting is a lot of fun!

Using all of my stage experience,
I got to officially be in a drama for my first time.

Before my eyes, I again
Wasn’t just a guest.
I stood up
And got to perform.

Before my eyes, I was acting for a camera

And I got to relish the difference between it and being on stage.

It was really interesting to me,
And after this experience, I know more about all of it!!

But with this chance,
I really challenged myself!!

And now after meeting all of the staff and actors,

from the bottom of my heart, I had such a great time.

I know when the broadcast is! I want to share it! (*^ω^*)

Please look forward to it! (*ノωノ)

Really, thank you so much.


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