N Blog (2011-10-07 16:31:22) – ‘The Surprising Kobayashi-san!’

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(2011-10-07 16:31:22)

Good day. (*ノωノ)

Today I read fan letters sent to my office. (*ノωノ)

As always, thank you very much, everyone!

Reading fan letters always warms my heart. (N´∀`)/`

Really, thank you.

Today, I

Recorded for the radio show. (*^ω^*)

What did I talk about today? (´゜▽゜`)

Many things.

The choice was difficult!

Look forward to it on air! (*^ω^*)

Now! (`・д・´)

Kobayashi Kana-san

Sent me a message to meet with her! (ノ゜O゜)ノ

Such a chance! I met Kobayashi 6 years ago! This is the first time! ÷=≠℃$¥ (Laughs)

Natsuki will do it.

Oh, Kana…


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