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(2011-10-08 10:51:10)

Good morning. (^-^*)/

Ahh (〃д〃)

Today, after a while

I have a performance!

Yay! Yay! I’m so happy I can do it! (・_・、)

My absurd wish is that everyone could see it!

Did you get tickets?
I know many, many people are trying to get them!!


My good luck charm!! !! (`・д・´)

Doryatsu! (`・д・´)

Hoo (´-ω-`)

Haa (`・д・´)


I guess only a few can come!

Of all of you, at least some can come. (´;ω;`)

—————— Cut ——————

Which reminds me!

Before that great performance was over, everyone ended up having a meal together…

It was before opening the AKB Cafe.

While signing things, it was fun. (´゜▽゜`)

And I uploading stuff from my drama

On my way from Nagoya to Tokyo.

My manager said,

“Now that the Team B performance is over, did you want to surprise the members in the cafe?”


I was in a big hurry to get there.

I got the return presents…

There was a delicious donut!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly… it was such a sweet donut… … By all means was I meant to eat it?

It was delicious (`・д・´)

I think the donut decieved me into eating it. (Laughs)

I love simplicity,
And it was a simple donut.

I loved it. (´゜▽゜`)

Certainly, it was that simplicity that was


I ate it.

Ah!! At today’s performance,

I met with yesterday’s love encounter,


Chikano had fun, too (´゜▽゜`)

Now I have to perform! (´-ω-`)

Today I have to take many photos.


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