N Blog (2011-10-12 20:25:27) – ‘My Third Work, “…wait”‘

My Third Work, “…wait”

It’s done.

An explanation on the picture…

This picture
Is a girl and her unfolding love!
Perhaps? I hope you waited for it!! (Laughs) ← abrupt

Surely there will be replies for that… I’ll wait for them. I’ll use that verb…

It’s an amazing time, but it feels long. I wanted to draw that.

So that’s what I think of waiting…
Can you tell this is the second day of this? Ahh…

It’s amazingly painful and sad.
There are tears.
There are just enough numbers… (´-ω-`)

So the title is, “…wait”


Just a bit ago I used ‘wait’ as an example

And now I’ve drawn it!

The pink and purple are

To show sweet hearts and devilish hearts as colors… (Laughs)
I tried drawing a girl’s heart. (´゜▽゜`)

I sometimes decide to use two colors (☆>∀<)

And sometimes
It turns out sad. (゜ーÅ) It's a moving picture… (Laughs)

Tell me your thoughts!


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