N Blog (2011-10-18 18:01:34) – ‘Support Song ☆〃’

Original Entry
(2011-10-18 18:01:34)

Good evening! (*ノωノ)

It’s Nacchi!! (´゜▽゜`)

Today I read various magazines

And learned various things!

Like fall fashion!! !! !! !! !! (´-ω-`)

So now I feel kind of uninformed?? (´-ω-`)


I’ll become stylish. (´゜▽゜`)

I’ll do it for the next handshake event.

Ah! Tomorrow I have a show! (*ノωノ)

I’ll definitely be fun!!

Arashi no Yoru ni wa… isn’t it a good song?
They lyrics are lovely.

Stealing a friend’s boyfriend…
I become a such a rascal, but I can’t help it. (´゜▽゜`)
It’s very instinctive. (*ノωノ)

Everyone’s different. (Laughs)

It’s a mysterious song I like. (*ノωノ)

B5th’s (sic)

Dakishimeraretara is lovely. (*ノωノ)

“If you hug me,
I’ll turn into a fossil.”
“If you hug me,
I’ll burn into ashes.” (*ノωノ)

How painful. (´;ω;`) I like it…

Kimi wa Pegasus!

The pegasus is an illusion of a living thing.

I really like Pegasus… (´;ω;`) It’s dreamy!!

Whatever happens,

2011 is over in two months. (*ονο*)

It’s the Request Hour Set List Best 100.

Fun (*ノωノ)

What ranking will we get?

Request Hour
Limited Units…

Will Sugars have perfect attendance!? !? !?


Will Natsus have perfect attendance!? !? !?

I want Sugars to be a really good unit.

I met with Amina and Suuchan before about
Songs, costumes, etc.
We want to implement it.

We finished our

Debut meeting. (Laughs)


Request Hour

It’s coming up soon.

I’m nervous (*^ω^*)

Everyone, what’s your favorite song?? (´゜▽゜`)

Team B Oshi should get first place!


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