N Blog (2011-10-21 23:19:32) – ‘Amina-chan’s Birthday ☆〃’

Original Entry
(2011-10-21 23:19:32)

I’m sorry that it’s been a long time.

I’m sorry.

Today I had a show. (*ノωノ)

In the dressing room, Kobayashi and Myao

Asked me why I hadn’t been blogging.

Everyone noticed. I was surprised, so thank you. (`д´)

My thoughts ☆〃

In today’s show, it was Amina-chan’s birthday. (*ノωノ)

Amina is the oldest with me.

Double Sato.

In the play,
We were double casted as a pair. (*ノωノ)

Through the play, we learned more about each other in different ways.
We got to become great friends.

I love Amina.
I trust her from the bottom of my heart. (*ノωノ)

For the whole time,

Sato Amina

And i

Existed as a “pair.”

It was a lovely year. (*ノωノ)
Congratulations! (☆>∀<)

Tomorrow I have an event. I'll be at a hotel. (*ノωノ) Yay!

In a single! (Laughs)

Now I'll take a bath! (*ノωノ)

Go to sleep, everybody. (*ノωノ)


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