N Blog (2011-10-25 17:15:35) – ‘Ho Ho Ho.’

Original Entry
(2011-10-25 17:15:35)


An announcement from before:

A Watanabe Girls Event

Has been decided on! (´゜▽゜`)


All members are attending!!

Ahh fun. (*ノωノ)

Last time,
The songs were fun

To say the least. (N´∀`)/`

Now what kind of event will it be? (´゜▽゜`)

Enjoy it. (●・ωヽ)


At yesterday’s performance,



“Nacchi-san is a perfert.”


She said I was

“Ohori-like.” (Laughs)


She said,

“Amina-chan is a pervert.”

Team B’s eldest members have changed into this… (Laughs)

But it’s kind of unique, isn’t it?? (Laughs)


After the show was over,

I had an

“Unkempt Hair Tournament”

At the theater.

Here is the event! (Laughs)

It has volume!

Now I’m together with Suuchan.

Again, Suuchan and I have the same room.

Suu-Neko and N-Neko are back again!!

Suuchan did it

In Singapore with me.

Aww… we understand each other.

It’s fun being cats.

Today, after a long time, I went and ate with my mom. (*ノωノ)

We had mackerels from Hokkaido!!

I love mackerels (*ノωノ)

… Did you know that? Mackerels!!

They’re super-delicious!!

My grandparents sent them from Hokkaido.
The meat is thick.

It has been a long time since I last had food from Hokkaido.



Everyone, have a lovely time.

Have a nice dinner. ☆〃


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