N Blog (2011-11-02 10:20:02) – ‘Plain Clothes (´-ω-`)’

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(2011-11-02 10:20:02)

These are yesterday’s plain clothes. (*ノωノ)

It’s all by Titty. (*ονο*) Cute. A white one-piece. (*ノωノ)

I wear such girly clothes!! (That’s my appeal!)

Yesterday, after a long time I had to skip sleeping. (`・д・´)

Sad (・_・、) (Sniffs)

I regret it…

I had to go back to my parent’s house. (´;ω;`)

But yesterday my dad played the guitar. (´;ω;`)

We ended up having a long chat about nails! (´゜▽゜`)

Hahaha… (Laughs)

We were talking about the sound made from nails.

We chatted absent-mindedly. (Laughs)

Oh well!!

But it went long

And we stuck to it! (Laughs)

Acoustic strings are really tough. (・_・、) (Sniffs)

Now the electric guitar… (Laughs)

Also, it’s a Fender! (´゜▽゜`) I love Fender guitars! (*ノωノ)

… … It had been a long time since we talked about guitars.

Well, today

I have a performance.

Have fun!

What hair style should I do?

It’ll be fun.


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