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Original Entry
(2011-11-03 10:16:37)

Yesterday when I came back,

I finally showed Yuka the picture I drew for her.

“Yuka, I drew this picture!”

I had received a request

To draw for her. (*ノωノ)

The seventh piece


Honestly, this was the first time that the design troubled me. (Laughs)

Yuka and I share a wonderful relationship.
We’re really close.
I know a lot about Yuka
And I tried to draw it.

This one drawing was difficult!!

An itemized list of what I drew!

A carnival
A microphone

That’s it! (`・д・´)


I hung

This picture up!!

It turns into

(When portrait-style)

An hour glass! (*ノωノ)

Yuka had said
That I drew what was on her mind.

I thought about it all.

Time’s counting system.

One hour
One minute
One second

It’s all non-existent.
Yuka’s there.

‘How does time pass by?’ I thought about it.

There’s the sound and tears,

Yuka’s last tears, but

There’s always crying.

Yuka is a strong girl.

So, even if the tears fall, the noise still is there? Is that Masuda Yuka?…

The tears come out in a rhythm, with a throbbing sensation.

It’s curious. (Laughs)

The sound overflows in Yuka-chan (☆>∀<) For this reason, she has so many expressions.

The color of it all fits!

In a daze, I drew this through midnight. (Laughs)

The seventh piece,

How do you like it? (*ノωノ)

Tell me your thoughts (´゜▽゜`)


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