N Blog (2011-11-04 09:59:09) – ‘Thank you (v^-゜)’

Original Entry
(2011-11-04 09:59:09)

Everyone, thanks for the comments.
Yuka Tweeted and blogged about it
So many came to see after that.
For all of those comments
From Yuka,
Thank you very, very much.

Yesterday morning Yuka sent me a picture.
It was of the two of us.

It’s me looking into my sketchbook.

I cried when I saw it. (´;ω;`)

Really, I do cry when I draw. (Laughs)

Things like drawing pictures that I don’t understand make me cry. (´;ω;`)

Why is that? (`・д・´)?

So I’m careful
When I’m drawing.

I love Yuka! (´・H・)


Again, I’ll draw ☆〃

I’ll draw like it’s the first time.


Today is a good day. (*ノωノ)

I’ll persevere today!

Everyone, what are you doing today?


Don’t know.


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