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(2011-11-04 13:58:13)


For breakfast,

I had an N-special, fresh juice only! (I plan to not be able to stick to it)

The exhibit has been determined!


I’ve followed this plan for three days! (Laughs)

I’ll fail whether you like it or not.

But honestly, promise to tell me your impressions.

Begin! (Laughs)

Today, it’s





Low-fat milk

It’s a shake.

Impressions on its looks…

It’s surprisingly green! (Laughs)
I can see the lumpy green from the spinach, which is kind of typical of me. (Laughs)

Should more milk make it less lumpy?
I need to put in more moisture!!

Impressions on its flavor…

I’d loosely call it
Banana Juice.


The juice is

Syrupy inside. (Cries)

Grapefruit!! !! !!

It’s a little… bitter! (Laughs)
Perhaps I should put in less? (´;ω;`)

The apples, bananas, and spinach have the best compatibility!

I collected all
Of the ingredients




Milk (a lot)


The bananas are sweet with honey, I think. *ノωノ)

By the way, I would definitely put in the spinach. (Laughs)

The spinach is necessary to tend to anemia. (Laughs)

It’s nutritional.

It’s filling
And perfect for a busy morning!
And it’s simple!

Be sure to try it!

Well, I’m off in a few. (*ノωノ) Have fun!


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