N Blog (2011-11-09 11:24:09) – ‘I’m Connected to the Internet’

Original Entry
(2011-11-09 11:24:09)

Good morning (`д´)

Something has happened…

Please understand. (Laughs)

I have shopping to do,
DVDs to watch,
Songs to sing,
Acting to do,
People to meet,
Meals to cook,
Cleaning to do,
Pictures to draw.

On the contrary, I can’t do any of it…

I have lots of reports to write,
Lessons to do,
And bills to pay ← (Laughs)

The truth is that I have to think of the happy things.

It’s cold, so I might catch a cold? (`・д・´)

Please be careful.



Are names look similar. (Laughs)


Almost, but not quite!!


Yeah (´゜▽゜`)

I’m on the internet on my personal computer…

The N-Computer

It’s dead. (・_・、) (Sniffs)

The screen

When it’s connected to the internet

Is bad. (Laughs)

It’s connected.

But the screen!

It’s bad. (´-ω-`)


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