N Blog (2011-11-18 11:37:49) – ‘Korean Lettuce ☆〃’

Original Entry
(2011-11-18 11:37:49)

Hey (*^ω^*)
It’s Nacchi. (☆>∀_<)
And up till now you've gone by Nacchi. (*´∇`*)

Ahhh (*^_^*)
Thanks for reading my blog! (*^_^*)


Flattery ☆ (Laughs)
Hmm, well
IU is having a Japanese debut.
Yay (*´∀`*)
I'm happy (´▽`)/

♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ I'm glad! I love IU-san. I look forward to her debut! ヽ(;▽;)ノ


Flattery is great! I do it!
But I ate the rest of the sesame seeds.
My friends always change up the seeds. (Laughs)
I caught a cold.

Ahh! A cold ( ; ; ). It's sad. Σ(・□・;) Make sure to rest your body! Drink medicine!(>人<;) I'm worried.

Ayanon \(^o^)/-san

Try putting the sesame seeds in vegetables and oil. It's good! (o^-')b
You put it on your profile!!
How's your throat??

Oh! \(^o^)/ I'll come back to that!
My throat… I got medicine from the doctor's, so it'll be all right! Just a little longer (>人<;) and it'll be cured. (。-_-。)

Kubotchi @N+ -san

I'm addicted to them. (^O^)/
I haven't been flattered in a long time!

Sesame seeds are a gamble! (Laughs)
Really, they're fun. \(^o^) And just you wait till you're flattered!

I'll fight today!

As always, everyone,

Sanchu! (Thank you)

It’s my way to shrewdly popularize it! (Laughs)

Is it popular?


I’ll make it cool… (Laughs)


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