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Sorry I haven’t commented recently. ~(。-_-。)
Someone in my family has gotten married. ( ̄▽ ̄) (Laughs)
Nacchi, my question is: what shampoo do you usually use?
And how do you dry your hair? (^O^)

Make sure to use a good shampoo scent!
I use an herbal extract! I bought it outside of Japan!
After that, use oil and a dryer to dry it. (。-_-。)

It’s my first comment. \(^o^)/
Recently I’ve started liking AKB.
I’m a boy in my third year of high school. (*^-^)ノ
I try to read around
On AKB’s blogs. d=(^o^)=b
As a matter of fact, I say that.
Usually this language
Moves around.

Wow! Σ(・□・;) That was fast! Σ(・□・;)
Sanchu (^з^)-☆
Sanchu for coming to visit my blog (^з^)-☆ (Laughs)
After this, come visit more.
Batchi! Batchi Batchi…
Nacchi! (Laughs)

Sanchu for updating your blog!
It’s popularizing!
By the way, in middle school,
I would say that \(^^)/
Will you eat
Before, my friends would over-eat it.
Nacchi, do you
Eat it?

Often! I eat it with yakiniku and vegetables (^з^)-☆
I like to munch on it! It’s vegetarian!
Eating Korean lettuce makes me tired, and when I go to Korean restaurants, my mom always has the lettuce and gets tired!

Hello! It’s 40 characters. Especially for your fans, I’d like to say that I saw the Bimyo skit, “Tokyo Tower Man.”
That skit was super amusing. Compared to the other Bimyo skits, it surpassed them as being fun. I think you’re very talented.
After this, I’ll enjoy your work and support you.

Thank you!
I know that the kanji was not seen right on air…
We did it to completion! (Laughs)
Nacchinon prepared me for it! (Laughs)
I like that skit! o(^▽^)o I hope to have the opportunity to do more!

Bangs Support-san

You’re so pretty!
You’re as cute
As Aiyu-chan!!!
Dream High
Is interesting \(^-^)/
It was like at school ★
I fell in love with the rascal.
The guy was like Jason!
What about you?

Tegyon-san is who I support.
I got to see the Dream High DVD. (*^^*)
I watched the whole drama twice. (Laughs)

I’m around kids,
And “Sanchu”
Is said often. (^w^)
By the way, today is my birthday.
I’m sure you’d say
I’m really nervous.
And getting more so!
If you like,
Please say it. (>_∀∀<)

I'm an athlete! (Laughs)

Nuts with Nacchi. (Laughs)

No… It's different (Laughs)

Nuts with the body!

I'll eat those. (`・д・´)


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