N Blog (2011-11-20 19:29:30) – ‘B Buzzword Lecture ☆〃’

Original Entry
(2011-11-20 19:29:30)

Today is special!!

I’m introducing words that are popular with Team B.



It’s for sadness. It’s the first here!

For instance, “Last night, I dropped my phone in the bath. Shobon.”

Again, highly-ranked people say Shobon!
It works well in an anime voice. (Laughs)

I created it:



To continue,


We use it like,

“Everyone! Look! Quite! Oko, it’s Amina!”

And (Laughs)

Amina says that when she gets angry.

Well then


By the way,

You say it when you’re really irritated.

From that,

It’s weaker. (Laughs)

Using those words!

They’re really popular in Team B.

I use them.

Here we go…

Oko. (Laughs)


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