N Blog (2011-11-21 23:45:18) – ‘Chiyuu-chan Eyes’

Original Entry
(2011-11-21 23:45:18)

Thank you (*ノωノ)

The show was fun.

Today was Chiyuu’s birthday. (*ノωノ)

She wasn’t healthy for a while, but
Now she’s bright and cute.
Today I saw that her smile had changed for the better.

At 20 years old,
Be sure to have fun. (*ノωノ)

Chiyuu’s mom, thanks for giving birth to Chiyuu.

… And

I took a Shobon picture.

Ahh, I’m sorry…

Because today’s show is over… …

On the 27th is Watanabe Girls Live rehearsal…


I can’t talk about the details yet…

It’ll be an amazing Live.

It’s at

Zepp Tokyo.

I’m nervous.

Of course, with my nervousness,

I’ll put in my fighting spirit!

Everyone will have to keep giving me great Live reports.

There’s enough going on,


Go for it tomorrow!

Everyone, sleep well. (´゜▽゜`)

Good night! ..(〃ノω’)σ


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