N Blog (2011-12-13 14:09:46) – ‘A Show! ☆〃’

Original Entry
(2011-12-13 14:09:46)

Hey (N´∀`)/`

Good day!

Now I’m going to the gym. ☆〃

I’ll keep at it!!


Yesterday’s show was fun!!

Lately there have been a lot of new visitors.

I can enjoy myself more!
I want to see more smiles!
I want more people to know Team B!
I want them to like it!

That’s what I’m thinking.

That’s the earliest thing I can remember. (*ノωノ)

Also, at the end I’ve grown accustomed to
Having a fresh mood! For the performance. (*ノωノ)

I’ll have to keep on working on my MCs, singing, and dancing. (lll>Å<)・゜・

That'll be enough!

I think that this year and a half of Theater no Megami performances has been fun.

I hope everyone can see it.

If that's the case,
I hope everyone can enjoy it to their heart's content.


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