N Blog (2011-12-31 08:45:50) – ‘New Year’s Eve and Kouhaku!’

Original Entry
(2011-12-31 08:45:50)

Good morning! (*ノωノ)

AKB got the Japan Record Award!
I’m glad!

I didn’t get to be there though…

I’ll work harder, that’s what I’ll do!

But I really am happy!
It’s so great!!

Well now it’s
December 31st! (*ノωノ)

In 2011… ☆

Every year I say it, but this year especially has gone so fast.

After the earthquake disaster, I’ve tried to really embrace everything.
And I feel that this year our bonds have deepened.
As for work,

I got to perform in DUMP SHOW!

And film a drama for Monday’s golden slot on TV.

Watanabe Girls had a show in Sendai and we got to sing.

Also with Watanabe Girls, I got to play the guitar and sing in front of many people…

I really like acting and singing.
I feel like I’ve gotten to study so many things this year. (*ノωノ)

The drama was especially big for me. It was the first time
I got to act right in front of a camera with such difficulty. And it was so much fun.

The drama will air in 2012!!

I’ll go for it with my heart!!

Today I’ll keep fluttering around

And tomorrow I’ll write more on my blog in the morning.

Everyone, have a great New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day!!


On with the new year!


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