N Blog (2012-01-07 23:19:43) – ‘The Handshake Event!’

Original Entry
(2012-01-07 23:19:43)

The handshake event is over!

Thank you to all those who could come!

Did everyone feel all right this morning? I overslept a little bit today…

As punishment,
At the next handshake event I’ll do gags. (Laughs)

My outfit today was

Other than my shoes, it’s all GLAD NEWS.
The shoes are LDS. (*ノωノ)

The girls that came today talked to me about Honey Bunches clothes. (*ノωノ)

Once in a while I wear them.

Soon I’ll check them out. (*ノωノ)

At the handshake event, the number one thing that was asked was,

“When is the drama going to be broadcast?”

That sort of thing.

I will definitely tell you on my blog when I find out…

Please wait for it!

Every time there’s a handshake event,
Everyone asks about the drama. (Laughs)

That’s what I say
To everyone.

Please remember it! 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。

Today was a fun day.

Thank you very much. (*ノωノ)


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