N Blog (110217 19:22) – ‘Yakitori!’

Today I stayed over at my mom’s house!! (*ノωノ)

When I came, my mother was



Cleaning (´Д`)

And was worn-out (laughs)


The room is really spacious!?

It was pretty when organized!

My mother is so witty and crafty ( ̄▽ ̄;)
I was so surpised (*ノωノ)

Once the cleaining was over

We had yakitori!

Bonjiri is on my mind…

Perhaps I should look at them (laughs)

My mother’s that type…

But today we’re eating gizzards!

Also, we’re having big livers (laughs)

Eating liver

I think

It’s great.

Everyone, have you had liver?

Perhaps it’s an acquired tasted? (゜▽゜)

@ N-san



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