N Blog (2012-02-15 23:54:40) – ‘I’m nervous.’

Original Entry
(2012-02-15 23:54:40)

Today we had a performance of

Give Me Five!

It was


I got to sing and play guitar in the center position!


I have to practice playing the guitar…

I was nervous. Truthfully, I was really nervous.


After this, I’ll go for it!

Today’s performance MC gap was about talking.

Sumire and Myao said…

They always check out

The blog girl.

Ehhhhh (Laughs)

Suuchan said that

The Unkempt Hair Tournament was cool.
She was hooked!


I remember the Unkempt Hair Tournament.

Well, today

I put my hair into a mustache to do another tournament.




Don’t I have a nice mustache?


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