N Blog (2012-02-28 12:46:07) – ‘About my ears, nose, and throat…’

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(2012-02-28 12:46:07)

I’m off!

This year my allergies started quickly…

Usually they start way later…

I will fight them!!

My allergy medicine makes my throat itchy. (lll>Å<)・゜・

I'll be careful! I depend on my voice.

I'll keep a cat!

I had a blood test (for allergies)

Cats are apparently one of them!

But I like cats!

On the contrary, keeping a cat might immunize me. (Laughs)

It has been on my mind recently…

But I have Won-chan…


Thinking about my allergies,

Is good for me!

Sickness and health start with the mind… (Laughs)

I'll be better in a week! (Laughs)

Is that unreasonable? No… I'll definitely heal! (Laughs)

Please watch over me. (*ονο*)

Today I went into the office

And met up with the members.

Us members

Had fun for the first time.

I felt like I was the teacher. (*ノωノ)

Now who was it…

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