[Sato Natsuki] An abrupt surprise ☆~ My oshimen is… ~

Original Entry
(2012-03-03 11:29:15)

It’s 3/3.
I have two performances…

I’m worried.

I said, “So, How many…. Shows do we have??”


Someone said, “Nacchi-san”


What is it?…

That voice?


Suuchan said, “What is it Nacchi-san?”

I said, “What is it, Suuchan?”

Suuchan said,” Welll… I brought you a present from Jakarta.”

I said, “Cute! Character tissues!”

I said, “There’s four!?!?!?”

Suuchan said, “Ehh… That’s it… …”

Suuchan said, “They’re just for Nacchi-san.”

Ahhh #&*§℃=≠<>≦

Shining. (*ノωノ)

That’s it.

My face is bright red.

As a matter of fact, Suuchan is my oshimen.

Ahh. It has come to this.

Became a N-Nacchi-oshi today.

Just for me…

It’s big!!

I’ll go for it in my performances.



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