N Blog (2012-03-05 13:44:37) – ‘I’ll teach! N-Nacchi the Master. ≧n≦〃’

Original Entry
(2012-03-05 13:44:37)

I want to solve everyone’s problems with my new

“I’ll teach! N-Nacchi the Master ≧n≦〃” Corner!

N-Nacchi the Master will carry the burden of your problems and help solve them for you.

Well today

Is about complex kanji.

They’re complex!

We’ll start at once!


Get out a paper and pen.

It’s urgent!



“To be impatient”


“To irritate”

Write those down, please…


They don’t look like each other.

At the start,

They’re different.

Well then,

To be more accurate, they’re

“To Be Impatient”

“To Irritate”



They look similar together.

Next to each other, they’re

“To Be Impatient”

“To irritate.”

Ahh! The same kanji!! (*^ω^*)


This is the perfect kanji test.


That’s what I say!

That’s the solution. ☆〃

I want everyone
To tell me what’s wrong,
And I’ll solve it.

(Dumb questions are encouraged.)

(From here on, you’ll get dumb answers.)

(It could turn into a dumb question corner.)

(But that’s fun, right?)


What should I say next time?

“What to do when you stub your toe on the corner of your desk.”

“How to cope with making chocolate incorrectly, rebuilding it with the correct ingredients… Ahh… Is that good?”

What should I solve?

You decide for me.

This is N-Nacchi’s appeal.
I’ll give you the solution.

Dumb things

Are important!! !! !! !!



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