N Blog (2012-03-08 16:16:24) – ‘New Nails 〃☆ Look at them!’

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I got new nails! (*ノωノ)

I was nervous to get ones that were so expensive. (Laughs)

They’re my first Pucci pattern.

There’s a big star on my ring finger!! I like how flashy they are.

They’re short enough so I can still play the guitar.

Certainly everyone should try them.


I got them from Nagomi-san.

Thank you very much!

Beauty Salon “Nagomi”

Noah 2-15-1-303 Dogenzaka Shibuya
TEL 0334765133

By the way

I got my nails done

And got a delicious scone at the cafe.

I remember Nacchinon went one time.

Noro-san and I met here in this cafe.

It was really memorable…

Having all of SDN graduate is really, really sad. (ノ_・。)

But everyone should go for it and face their dreams, I htink!


Today I have lessons.

Hmm… I have acne now! Oh no! (`・д・´)

I hate it!! (Laughs)

I’m off!

Before lessons…

“To irritate!” (´-ω-`)

A half point for that!


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