N Blog (2012-03-14 22:55:28) – ‘”To end the first half”‘

Original Entry
(2012-03-14 22:55:28)

A thing I have recently noticed

Just talking to


Is that she’s really tsundere!

That’s why I call her




I said, as I accosted her with love.

Suuchan was all “…”

It’s about time!

It has come to… Su-ndere.

No… I will not be discouraged.

It’s like that. I won’t be broken. (`・д・´)

I said, “Suuchan, hey.”


She said, “…”

Ehhh (´-ω-`)

She’s Su-ndere again…

What is this…

She said, “…”

Suuchan is at it again.



I won’t…

Give up!

I will find a way to get Suuchan to eat with me!! !! !!

We’ll get food!

There’s definitely a way to make it happen!!


Let’s discuss:

What can I do that’s good for Suuchan?


There will be a second half.


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